We are a producer and seller of the industry leading hydroponics substrate Fytocell. Read below to find out why Fytocell should be the choice for your plants.

Why Fytocell?

Its open cell structure provides great water absorption capacity and air permeability, which ensures great air and water management leading to a number of benefits.

Save Water

Fytocell improves the water-holding ability of the soil. Meaning you'll use up to 50% less water.

Optimal Growth

Our products are designed to make your plants grow as fast and healthy as possible. From seed to fully grown crop.

Save Fertiliser

Nutrients are absorbed into the open cell structure of Fytocell and are gradually released, rather than washing away. Therefore up to 25% less fertiliser is needed.

Prevent Waterlogging

Fytocell always retains air space within it’s foam structure preventing water logging and the rotting of plant roots as well as reducing soil compaction in the root zone.

Completely Organic

With our products you grow your own extremely nutritious and tasteful organic fruits and vegetables.

It's For Everyone

Suitable For All

Whether you’re a complete novice or a professional our products are suitable for everyone.

On Any Scale

A couple of plants in the window sill or multiple hectares of land our products are efficient on any scale.

For All Plants

Cucumbers, tomatoes or sunflowers, it doesn’t matter: our products are suitable for all types of plants.


Try Fytocell and find out the benefits for yourself, head to our shop or get in touch if you want to know more.

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